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Steel Reinforced TARYL PUTTY!! Works Great!


We are excited to announce in conjunction with Valco Cincinnati, we give you... TARYL PUTTY!!

This stuff is GREAT, steel reinforced epoxy putty from none other than Valco Cincinnati. Cures rock-hard within minutes of mixing for quick fixes. Extremely tough and durable and adheres to a long list of metals. Epoxi-Putty can be drilled, tapped, filled etc after only sitting for 3 hours! Can withstand heat temperatures of up to 500 degrees and when stored unmixed has a shelf life of 3 years! Really good quality stuff as usual from our friends at Valco Cincinnati. Pick some up today, never know when you're gonna need it! This stuff bonds permanently to: Engine Blocks, Manifolds, Gas Tanks (even while leaking), Radiators, Batteries, Gaskets, Stripped Screws, Mirror Mountings and Many More!

Now available by the case! Cheaper than buying it individually! For shop owners or just if you wanna stock up. Get it by the case with your own custom-made Taryl Putty display box included! (12 per case)

And Therrrrrre's Yur Dinner!!

Please Read Directions Supplied with Product and ONLY use as directed.