About Taryl

Taryl Dactal is a REAL shop owner known worldwide as a small engine master with going on 50 years in the business. He knows ALL the tricks of the trade to get your mower, blower, etc. running properly.

Since 2014, Taryl & Co have been entertaining, educating and influencing families, shops, other channels and back yard mechanics with their hilarious skits and spot-on repair videos. Taryl and his two sons (Junior & Slippers) write, produce, film and edit all of their own family-friendly videos from a small town known as Podunk in Northwest Indiana. Taryl has been married to his wife "Carla" for over 40 years and she is also featured in some of the videos.

With dedicated fans worldwide, the Grass Rats truly set the standard other shops and channels follow. They are often referred to as the modern day Three Stooges with their use of slapstick and physical comedy infused into the repair world. 

And as Taryl says at the end of every video, There's Your Dinner!!

Catch a brand new zany how-to video every Sunday at 9 am central!

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