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Works Great!! Valco Cincinnati Clear Adhesive Sealant and/or Tube Gripper


We are very excited to be carrying this product since we use the crap out of this stuff all the time for many different purposes not just shop-related things. We use it around the house to effectively glue down many different items from Refridgerator doors to office chairs and so much more! I find myself using this stuff all the time. Works better than glue!

As described, Valco Cincinnati's HV-350 Flexible Adhesive Abrasion-Resistant Sealant will out-perform virtually any glue, epoxy, or silicone. It retains its properties even when submerged under water and unlike silicone, you can paint it with oil-based OR water-based paints. This stuff has the ability to stretch 600% of its own length, perfect for vibration applications etc.

The Tube Gripper is another fine product offered by Valco Cincinnati, works great with any tube this size (which a lot of things will work with it, silicone etc). This thing squeezes every last inch out of the tube and also makes applying the glue/silicone etc much much easier and with more control. Especially good for doing those valve cover silicone jobs and other jobs requiring lots of goo. We are offering them sold separately and together at a slightly cheaper price.

We use this stuff on mower hoods and many other plastic/metal items. We used it on our office chair arm rest as shown. Seriously great stuff and highly approved by Taryl!

Taryl uses the HV-350 Glue in this video right around the 10:45 mark, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P6Oi8ip7Xw&list=PL-xkNBjnenDBzT0csJMw8fMCwRy0psoVQ&index=2

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