Shipping Info

We ship WORLDWIDE every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

You will receive an order confirmation email once you have successfully placed your order through the site. (Sorry, but we are not set up for phone orders) 

Once your order ships (typically between 1-2 business days after ordering) you will receive a tracking email. If your email hasn't shown up be sure to check your spam and junk folders as sometimes they get sent there.

Unfortunately International Shipping can be pricey to ship so we try to include some extra goodies in International orders for that reason. Thanks for understanding.

How Long Til I Get My Stuff?
We typically send with USPS and in most cases will supply a tracking number via email. After we process your order, most orders take between 3-5 days to arrive from us to you. This can take longer depending on where you live. We are based in Indiana. International orders usually take longer to arrive so be patient if ordering overseas. Once your order leaves our shop it's out of our hands so keep a close eye on that tracking number. 

Sticker-Only Orders
If you are ordering ONLY STICKERS you will NOT receive a tracking number as those are sent as a letter in an envelope. If you order something bulkier like a T-Shirt AND Stickers then you WILL receive a tracking number in the email. Sticker-Only orders typically take longer to arrive. Contact us here if you have any questions with your order. 

Contact Us
If you need help ordering or have questions regarding your order please use the CONTACT tab on this site to get in touch with us. We typically respond within 24 hours. Keep in mind we are a small operation so be patient with us. Sorry but we do NOT answer technical questions regarding fixing stuff.