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Back In Stock!! Valco Cincinnati Gel-Lube Engine Assembly/General Purpose Spray Lubricant


BACK IN STOCK!! Valco Cincinnati does it again, with another fine lubricant! This stuff is used by NASCAR Engine Builders, meaning, this stuff is the real deal folks. Goes on as a liquid and forms into a gel within seconds of application. It's penetrating formula blends with motor oil in new and rebuilt engines. All around great lubricant, highly recommended by Taryl himself! We've used this stuff in our videos and stand by it. You can see it in action in our video "How To Replace A Sump Gasket On A Briggs V-Twin Engine"

Works Well On: Valve Springs, Cylinders, Gear Boxes, Nuts & Bolts, Camshafts, Lifters, Rocker Arms, Bearings, Pistons and much more!

Only use as directed! Pick some up today!
And There's Your Dinner!!