Taryl Mouse Pads! (Collect All 3!) Limited Edition

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Taryl Mouse Pads! (Collect All 3!) Limited Edition

Check out these cool new Taryl mouse pads!

Run that mouse over 3 different shots to choose from!

A. - Taryl Corn 🌽 Photo
B. - Taryl Power King 👑 Photo
C. - Taryl Wheelie Horse 🐴 Photo

OR while they're all in stock, ALL 3 MOUSE PADS!!

All photos were taken at the Sunset Hill Tractor Show back on Sept 24th 2022.

These are the thicker 0.24" pads, not the thinner ones you commonly see and sure are great looking!

High quality image on soft foamy cloth material. Only a limited amount so grab one today before they're gone!

And as always… There's Your Dinner!!

These are very limited! We only have a handful on hand and once these are gone there won't be more!