Turd Wax! Polish Them Turds!

Turd Wax! Polish Them Turds!

As endorsed by your old pal Ronnie!

Grab some "Turd Wax" today!

Don't flush those turds… polish 'em!

Comes in a sealed box with "Turd Wax" labels on both sides of box for maximum display!

Turn those old turds into money! With TURD WAX!

As seen in Taryl's video "Ronnie's Turd Polishing Products" that premiered on 4/3/2022 at this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXdM1zudAsY&t=22s

**Note: Turd Wax actually a box of fresh scented soap with laminated labels on both sides - gag gift for display purposes**