NEW! Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

$4.99 - $20.00
NEW! Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

NEW!! Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

Who remembers the first run we did years ago on green rags with a different design? Those are long gone but we just got these sweet red ones in hot off the screen presses!! And a brand new design to boot!

-Use or display it's up to you!

-100% Cotton Red Shop Towels made of obnaburg fabric

-Hemmed on all four sides

-Size approx 14"x15"

-Color fast will not bleed

-Excellent for Wiping Spills, Grease, Oil, Tools, Grime and Fluids

-For use in Industrial Facilities, Factories, Machine Shops, Garages, On The Job, Auto Centers and Home Garage

-Brand new never Used or Recycled

-155 lb quality

-They are called "Industrial" grade because towels may have a missed stitch which occurred in the in the finishing process or slight stains.

We only did a small run so grab one (or a pack of them) now before they're gone!!

And There's Your Dinner!!