Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

$4.99 - $20.00
Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

NEW!! Grass Rats Garage Shop Rags!

Grab (1) or a pack of (5) today!

Who remembers the last run we did recently on red rags? Those are long gone but we just got these sweet light grey ones in hot off the screen presses!!

-Use or display it's up to you!

-100% Cotton Light Grey Shop Towels (almost look bluish color)

-Hemmed on all four sides

-Size approx 12" x 14"

-Excellent for Wiping Spills, Grease, Oil, Tools, Grime and Fluids

-For use in Industrial Facilities, Factories, Machine Shops, Garages, On The Job, Auto Centers and Home Garage. OR display them in YOUR shop!

-Brand new never Used or Recycled

- If using, wash with cold water separately in a bucket to reduce lint and color mixing. Do NOT use bleach.

We only did a small run so grab one (or a pack of them) now before they're gone!!

And There's Your Dinner!!