Thicker .072 HEAVY DUTY Inner Wire

$1.50 - $29.99
Thicker .072 HEAVY DUTY Inner Wire

We now carry the thicker HEAVY DUTY Inner Wire (to be used with the new heavy duty outer wire conduit)

Sometimes the standard inner wire just isn't heavy enough (although it does work perfectly fine with most vintage tillers, mowers etc.) but if you need something stronger for a pedal or something, this is the stuff you need. Clocking in at .072" (standard wire we also carry is .058")

Get it cut by the foot by us here at Grass Rats Garage or grab a full 100' foot roll and cut your own! We don't mind!

Select "1 Foot of INNER WIRE" at checkout then select the quantity (example: Qty 6 would be for 6 feet, Qty 10 for 10 feet, etc)

Don't forget the HEAVY DUTY outer conduit and Cable Z-Bender tool to go with it! Both of which we also carry! Don't need the heavy stuff? We also carry standard in another listing. Check that one out for that.

And as always… There's Your Dinner!!

**Note: You may need a foot longer of inner wire as it sticks out past the outer conduit on equipment. Keep that in mind!