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Personal Shout-Out Video From Taryl Himself!


Although Taryl is a very busy man, you can now have him (as well as Slippers or Junior) custom/personally give you or a friend a shout-out! We'll send you a video either by email or Facebook giving a shout out to any person(s) of your choice.

**Be sure to include the name of the person(s) you would like the shout out to as well as any other additional info we could add to the video for added humor. Also include your email address and/or message us on Facebook for a direct send of your video (if possible). Otherwise we can supply a private link but it might take longer to get back to you).

Videos are 20+ seconds long and shouldn't take more than a day to a few days to get back to you. A nice gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Announcements (have Taryl announce it!) and More!

Now Taryl, Junior or Slippers (and others) can say Hello to YOU personally! And as always, There's Yur Dinner!!

(Please no foul, discriminatory or lewd content to be suggested. We reserve the right to refuse anyone's demands if we feel unsuitable)