Actual Video Scripts! Signed by Taryl, Jr & Slippers!

Actual Video Scripts! Signed by Taryl, Jr & Slippers!

Every once in awhile we open the vaults and allow you to purchase the actual scripts used in the videos from 2014 to 2021. We chose 15 scripts to sell this year and will pull them once the season is over. We have lots of scripts we've written over the years and these are the actual ones used in the videos equipped with coffee stains, highlighter markings, notes, card time stamps for post production, line changes, etc. All scripts are different, they're all in used shape as we actually used them and they all come SIGNED by Taryl, Jr & Slippers! So grab up on these limited time offered ORIGINAL SCRIPTS while they're on the market and as always... There's Your Dinner!!

“Dr. Tarylstein” Script
b/w “How To Swap A Coil On A Kubota T1400 (No Spark)”
This script used in the classic 2016 Halloween video where Dr. Tarylstein needs Jr. to get him a working brain for his riding lawn mower. The only catch is the brain is EVIL! And so is the mower. Contains all the filming notes and dialogue from this classic Halloween video. (5 Pages)
Posted October 23, 2016

“Slippers The Fool” (April Fool’s Day 2) b/w “How To Convert A Cast Iron Briggs & Stratton Engine To Electronic Ignition”
In this follow up to the first year’s April Fool’s video, Slippers attempts to prank the gang only to have it backfire in his face as usual. Hilariously informative video from Taryl & Co. Follow along and laugh. Equipped with actual check marks from production. (3 Pages)
Posted April 1, 2018 (April Fool’s Day)

“Uncle Andy is... The Soda Pop Kid”
B/w “How To Replace The Camshaft On A Kawasaki FD590V Water Cooled Engine”
Uncle Andy stops by and of course all chaos ensues as he destroys Taryl’s computer and eats and drinks all his pop and Chippo’s. Includes checked off marks from production and a hand written note on page 1. Signed by Taryl, Jr and Slippers. (4 Pages)
Posted July 21, 2019

“Taryl & Jr Go Deere Hunting” b/w “How To Disassemble and Assemble Briggs & Stratton Starters on Lawn Tractors”
Taryl and Jr go hunting for John Deere’s in the woods in this hilarious classic how-to video from back in 2015. One of a kind from a classic video. (2 Pages) Posted October 12, 2015

“The Phone Call” b/w “How To Swap Over A Nikki Carb To A Walbro Aftermarket Carb On A Briggs Engine”
Nervous customer makes sure to go over everything beforehand so he doesn’t look stupid when he calls Taryl at the shop. Of course the conversation doesn’t go as planned and he finds himself fumbling and nervous in this hilarious yet informative how-to video from 2019. (2 Pages) Posted August 25, 2019

“Taryl Dactal In... Certified Mechanic” b/w “How To Fix Electric Chute Control Switches On A John Deere 1330SE Snowblower”
A local yokel mechanic shows up at the shop to brag about earning his new degree and how he’s going to put Taryl out of business. Little does he know, at all. As Taryl pokes holes in his dreams of putting the shop out of business.
Couple hand written marks and check marks from production. (2 pages)
Posted Jan 14, 2018

“Home Hibernation” b/w “How To Replace The Primer Bulb On A Toro Snowblower”
Junior decides to let in a cold bear during a winter storm. As we all know, bears and humans don’t mix. Has some hand written notes and check marks from production.
(3 Pages) Posted February 18, 2018

“You Never Know When Its Gonna Snow” b/w “How To Clean The Carb On A Push Mower”
Local shop yokel Gordy, is spending his time working on snowblowers during the busy mowing season. Another funny yet informative how to video from your pals at Grass Rats Garage! Includes a hand written part number and check marks from filming. Lots of high lights. (4 Pages)
Posted June 10, 2018

“Slippers, The Key Master” b/w “How To Replace The Throttle Cable On A Stihl Back Pack Blower”
Slippers loses his keys and spends all day bothering Taryl and Jr until he finds them. Little does he know they’re in his pocket. (2 Pages)
Posted January 12, 2020

“Man Bun Fanny Pack” b/w “Lawn Boy Engine Rebuild”
Taryl deals with a new customer that keeps his money in strange places and won’t take “new” for an answer. (3 Pages)
Posted July 18, 2021

“Ronnie in… Hey Mister!” b/w “Cub Cadet GTX 1054 Belt Falling Off? Fix It!”
Ronnie gets banned from the shop so he’s forced to play “Hey Mister” with random customers in order to get his parts. Typical Ronnie and his little scams. (4 Pages)
Posted on September 9, 2018

“Shart Tank” b/w “$100 Mower Flip”
The gang has their own show where they decide whether people’s mower ideas are good… or shart. Do they want to invest in a vocal warning system that punches you for not checking the oil? Or will that idea and others get flushed? On… Shart Tank. (3 Pages)
November 8, 2020

“Rare 1973 AMF Harley Davidson Z90 Motorcycle (Slippers Toys)”
Slippers goes over his custom restored 1973 Harley AMF Z90 motorcycle. This thing sure is cool. This video was fun because we raced on the street Slippers against Taryl and the cops were called out and searched all over and we almost got away but then they caught all 3 of us and we almost got our mini bikes impounded but didnt. Fun day. The End. (3 Pages)
Posted on June 25, 2017

“Slippers The Garbage Picker” b/w “Replace Toro Auger Bearing (Older 2-Stage Snowblowers)”
Slippers thinks because his drunken neighbor, Ed, left his snowblower out by the garbage pile (so he could get more booze) was left there for garbage. He snatches it up before Ed can return and keeps it for himself and gets it tuned up before Ed claims it back as his own. Thanks for the free tuneup Slip-Dogg. And there’s your supper. (3 Pages)
Posted on February 3, 2019

“Taryl Puts An Engine On A Tricycle!”
Based on the true story for when it all began… Taryl and his brother Faryl in the garage when Taryl comes up with the concept for the engine on a tricycle. He rode that sucker all around town and Faryl was jealous so he took it from him. See how it plays out here. (2 Pages)
Posted on April 25, 2021